Smoke & CO Detectors

What is a Smoke Detectors or Carbon Monoxide Detector?

Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Cigarette Smoking Alarms

Every home and workplace must have adequate and appropriate smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors fitted to ensure the safety of those who live and work within the environment. Different buildings require different types of smoke detectors and these include photoelectric, ionization, combination, dual-sensor and often a combination of these.

To ensure your home, workplace, or health and hospitality facility are adequately protected from the threat of fire, it’s vital that you install the right type of smoke or carbon monoxide detector. Evaculife stocks smoke detectors of all kinds and a high performance carbon monoxide detector, to help you protect your home and workplace and give the occupants early warning of any danger.

Which Smoke Detector Is Best?

Confused about the difference between Ionisation & Photoelectric Smoke Alarms? Read our blog post that makes things clearer

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Feature Schedule

Battery Operated
LIFCO9 Carbon Monoxide Alarm 9V with Test Feature
LIFHA240 Temperature Heat Alarm
LIF10YPE Photoelectric Smoke Alarm 10 Year Battery (no charge)
LIFPE9M Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with MUTE Lifesaver 9V
LIF707R Cigarette Smoke Alarm
Direct Wired
HG1000 Ionisation Smoke Alarm HomeGuard 240V
HG2000 Photoelectric Smoke Alarm HomeGuard 240V AC 9V DC
LIF5800 /2 Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Lifesaver 240V 9V Backup
LIF5800RL /2 Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Lifesaver 240V Rechargeable

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